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March 15, 2006


One day as Shebli was going he encountered two boys
quarrelling over a walnut they had found. He took the
walnut from them.
“Be patient, till a divide it between you!” he told
When he broke it open, the nut proved to be empty.
A voice proclaimed, “Go on, divide it, if you are the
“All that quarrelling over an empty nut,” Shebli
commented shamefaced. “And all that pretensions to be a
divider over nothing!”
The Tadhkirat’l-Awliya
Of Shaykh Faridu’d-din ‘Attat
Trans. A J Arberry


Dorothy Sayers

March 15, 2006

The lost Tools of LearninG

Extract from ‘Masters of Wisdom of Central Asia’

March 15, 2006

Extract from ‘Masters of Wisdom of Central Asia’ Hasan Shushud, trans. Muhtar Holland: Biographical notes of Khwajagan

A poem from ‘Maulood’-A Man Among Us; Daniel Abd Al-Hayy Moore

March 15, 2006

A Man Among Us; poem on the Prophet to Humanity and for Humanity

Muhammad, peace of Allah be upon you, Prophet and Messenger of Light,
the figure you made among people put love in their hearts for the Truth —
how can the graveyard society we live in possibly hear your heartbeat
when their drunken hearts drink darkness sold at the tyrant's corner booth?

O Prophet, O man among us, O light that goes ahead,
who gave out the last coin left to you when you lay on your first deathbed —
how can such stark reality reach into us when the air is so filled with lead
and such mention of life only bores the snoring multitudes of the dead?

O Light of the human touch in everything, Praiser and Praiseworthy in one,
we are naked before Allah at last, and we need your enlightening sun!

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March 15, 2006

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