A heretic never claims to be a heretic, he claims to transcend orthodoxy

Learn that you are the merest shadow of Another’s act; thus you will learn humbleness, which is the beginning of understanding

‘For Allah created the English mad – the maddest of all mankind.’ (Kipling)

To learn truth is always to relearn. To lapse into falsehood is not always to relapse.

42.       ‘What can I say – it must have been the will of God.’ (Mikhail Gorbachev)

43.       Use words in your preaching only if absolutely necessary.

The road to God is paved with laughter at the self. The road to Hell is paved with laughter at others.

63.       Sufism: don’t think that you can dive without lowering yourself.

‘All true Reformers are by the nature of them Priests, and strive for a Theocracy.’ (Carlyle, on Knox)

59.       Do not think that anything has any purpose other than to point to God.

60.       Idolatry, at best, is the unbalanced fixation on an Attribute.

65.       Wisdom consists mainly in the ability to recognise human weakness.

66.       God’s mercy is not limited; but He is not limited by His mercy.

67.       For each karama that takes you forward, there are ten which will take you back.

68.       Only those who know themselves to be unworthy are worthy.

69.       If you do not sanctify the dawn, the day will not sanctify you.

70.       Against Modernism: between signs and science there is neither rhyme nor reason.

71.       Islamism: untie your camel, and trust in God.

86.       Do not fear any extremist; fear the consequences of his acts.

87.       Do not be complacent. Most people judge religions by their followers, not by their doctrines.

93.       Being at ease in the company of scholars is a proof of faith.

94.       Nobility is the aptitude for seeing beauty.

97.       Let the next hours be an apology for the sunna prayer. Let the sunna prayer be an apology for the fard. Let the fard be an apology for separation.

98.       In the fight against the Monoculture, the main sign is the hijab, and the main act is the Prayer.

99.       It’s quite a hard thing to respect
             A God who our prayers would accept,
            We splash and we preen
            Then we fidget and dream,
            So proud to be of the Saved Sect.

100.     ‘May I not prove too much of a skunk when I shall be tried.’ (Wittgenstein)

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