notes from sunnipath lesson, with shaikh Faraz rabbani, on the Rank and Rights of the Prophet

did not take notes from the beginning  There was an expalination of the Prophets name Mohmmad= praiseworthy one. This name by the majority of scholars (not consnsus) was not given to anyone but the prophet among the arabs. That the paraents of the Prophet were Devinely inspired to give this name to him. A Prophet is someone Honoured by given Devine Revelation, then he is also a Messenger if commanded to deliver it 

  1. Devine electhood; pity can be gained through works, but not with prophethood, imam laqani, jawhara
    1. Mustafa= the selected one
    2. Selected servant, honoured by given message, and conveyed
    3. His learning not acquired but given through Devine command, by Allah Himself
    4.  Quran3;164 blessed the believers, a messenger from themselves, reciting to them verses,  purifying them, teaching them the book and the wisdom, before that they were in heedlessness
    5. The emissary of Allah, for this is abetter word, messenger just means carrying a messenger, but emissary is in himself a great being is what Abd Al Hakim Murad says is a better word for the Prophet.
  2. the Prophet
    1. conveyed Devine revelation, what it meant, teaching and showing how to imply it, the wisdom is the sunnah in that it is rightfully applied in the right place and time saying and doing what is appropriate
    2. wisdom is the capacity to act in the right way in each situation, shown through the prophetic methodology, for the prophet never told the samehitng to anyone, each given what they required
    3. explained, how to live it
    4. propose of revelation, has an optimum purpose, that to purify oneself, not just rulings halal, and haram, rather a Devine purpose of realizing the Devine in life AHM told me at the conference at essex ‘if his sight does not change you his words will not change you’ from Imam Qushayri
  3. Hadith ‘gift of mercy’ prophet to all the worlds. Mercy is a person that implies the religion in
    1. Religion is reduced to half sunnah and quran, but the prophet showed us how to live that quran and sunnah, and this is what is lacking. They do not see that the sunnah is meant to TRANSFORM the way one is (is meaning the very being of oneself), making good relationships with Allah, Prophet and those that live on earth. Showing mercy to all Allah’s creation. ‘be merciful to those on earth and the lord of heaven will show mercy to you’ transmitted to us by sh.faraz the first Hadith that a teacher will transmitt to one. Shkh Faraz was given the hadith by Mufti Usmani, Mufti of
    2. The Prophet is discribed as Gift from Allah, to make us servants of Allah; and hence they tread lightly on earth. Manifestation of mercy, and good
  4. two revelations; Quran and Sunnah; being the exemplified revelation, living it and being transformed by it to make good our relationship with Allah
  5. attributes of the Prophets
    1. can a Prophet be not trust worthy, liar
    2. 4 attributes of the Prophets;

                                                               i.      Sidq being true, real                                                             ii.      Trustworthy, prophets did not commit sin, actions correspondence with their teachings. The qurash used to call the prophet the truthful before he was given to deliver his message, that he never lied                                                            iii.      intelligent, able to explain, defined and uphold that which they revealed                                                           iv.      Conveyed the message, did not tell everyone all the things at once, rather in time, different things in different situations.1.       conveyed the message as commanded to do so2.       AND all the message was conveyed

  1. opposite of these message is that it is lying, betray, not the qualities or attributes of the prophets
  2. Prophets are share in the human treats but not humans, for being choosen to be Uphold the Devine relvelation
  3. the seal of the prophets, leader of the pious, and the prophets
    1. someone who affirms a prophet after the Prophet has left the Islam, for negating quran and clear hadiths mass transmitted hadiths
    2. Prophet ‘I am the very last one and none shell ever be after me’
  4. faith is that accepting everything that the prophet cames with
    1. if ignorant then explained to them, otherwise anyone can claim to be doing the right thing
    2. takfir is left to the ulama, the point is not to just do something and say something rather defering our own judgement in favour of those who know well the deen
    3. rather good is done, or remaining silent
    4. saying good is that when said its consequence is good as well, wisdom lies in the greatest benefit
    5. the Devine command is to ask those who know if you know not
  5. follow the imam, worthy of following
    1. anyone can be correct or wrong except Allah
    2. absolute is Allah’s command and the prophets who convey it and relative for the Imams
    3. imams being worthy of following for their learning is what we follow as they have speacilize in understanding the deen
    4. Prophets are followed unconditionally, Imams are followed conditionally

                                                               i.      He leads people to the way of guidance the Prophet, our very existence is begging for guidance…the imam of guidance is the prophet                                                             ii.      The pious our imam, because piety is the protector of guidance                                                            iii.      ‘In this book there is no doubt but guidance for those seeking pity’ the gift of guidance is protected, shielded, by taqwa                                                           iv.      taqwa avoiding sins, that which Allah has prohibited1.       doing that which preserves our guidance2.       imam, baydawi ‘that we protect ourselves from disbelief, and acting upon

  1. I am the master of the children of Adam , and that is not a boast’ in relative world, in that he was the leader and the best in all on this earth
    1. The prophet lead all the prophets
    2. Not differentiating between the prophets; meaning not excepting some, talking about them in befitting their rank, as they received the Devine command
    3. Q ‘these are the messengers we have proffered some above others’
    4.  Why Mohamed is the select, leader, master of all
  2. duties toward the prophet, for Allah has granted us with a gift of Mohammad
    1. following the prophet
    2. taking him as our imam in life
    3. excellence, doing best in everything
    4. the path, the sunned, if you follow him you will be guided
    5. benefit knowledge
    6. learn about the prophet,
    7. seeking blessings on the Prophet

                                                               i.      the thanks being expressed for the prophet what he has done, and thanking allh for such a gift                                                             ii.      NEVER LOSING HOPE when ever one falls short one should turn to Allah, AHM ‘Hope is the way into religion, dispair is the way out’ 

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